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What if someone could trick your eyes and make you see what wasn’t there? What if someone could delve into your mind and tell you exactly what you were thinking? What if someone could make you feel what someone else is feeling or make you hear what someone else is hearing? Jamie is a master of deception and sleight of hand who indulges all of your senses to create a one of a kind experience!


One of the UK’s leading close up magicians and member of the world famous and hugely prestigious Magic Circle, in 2018 he was promoted to Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star. He has amazed guests up and down the country at countless prestigious events, performing for large bluechip companies such as The John Lewis Partnership and Brewin Dolphin, to Weddings and Parties of every variety. He was even invited to the ITV studios to perform for presenter Jonathan Ross and Las Vegas magicians Penn and Teller!


Practicing and honing his skills since the tender age of 6, he has dedicated his life to the art. With a BA (Hons) Degree in Drama and Performance, Jamie will keep your guests entertained and enthralled! He has been published in every major magic magazine, has several best selling DVDs and Books on the art and even lectures around the world, so it’s fair to say, you are in safe hands!


Magic is fast becoming one of the most sought after forms of entertainment! Being featured more and more on prime time television and feature films. But you truly cannot believe in magic until it is live, only inches from your eyes! Unlike the dated and  stereotypical top hat wearing magicians that you might have been familiar with, Jamie mixes expert sleight of hand with sharp wit, showmanship and a psychological edge to create stories your guests will talk about for years to come...

Jamie is a close up magician, mind reader and mystery performer. Considered an expert in his field by his peers, he fuses expert sleight of hand, psychological deception and a touch of showmanship to indulge all of your senses and give you an experience like no other! 

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