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A collection of 14 original effects and moves to put the spark back into your close-up repertoire! Jamie is a very clever thinker and we're delighted to have him back in the Full 52 stable! 


His last two releases, 'SCARED' and 'THE GATHERING', were best sellers and widely applauded for their originality and practicality.'Bright Spark' sees Jamie in his first multi-trick DVD with no less than 14 items on offer. Included is Jamie's amazing 'PING' where an elastic band instantly, visually and effortlessly penetrates through a water bottle.


As well as several unique and clever card effects, Jamie also shares 'Psychological Smoker' in which the health warning on the packet changes to reveal the name of a selection...then all the cigarettes vanish from inside and in their place is the folded card itself!


You'll also learn the excellent 'X-Change' in which a marked coin effortlessly melts up through a stack of coins, one coin at a time!

All this and much more awaits you on Jamie Daws ‘Bright Spark’!




PING - An elastic band passes effortlessly though a water bottle!

HOLE BUSINESS - A 'black hole' slides around your business cards!

INSTNASE - Jamie's smart handling of the Erdnase Colour Change!

The Puppeteer - It's like you've got the spectator on a string!

Blank Thoughts - Your spectator stops dealing on the last printed card in the deck!

Casino Strings - Ever wondered how Casino's keep you inside for so long?

Bottoms Up - These Jokers are definitely WILD!

Psychological Smoker - The health warning on the packet changes...for starters!

Solomon's Secret - Clever transpo effect with two selections!

Simple Mix - An 'in the hands' triumph handling!

Colouring - A killer colour changing deck!

X-Change - A marked coin travels effortlessly up through a stack!

Flip Top Control - A devious card 2 card transpo/control technique!

Spinning Wheel Change - A beautiful double colour change!


You also get the original PDF that inspired this project, ‘Think Tank’ completely free upon purchase! This also includes a few extra effects not on the DVD as well as artwork for Psychological Smoker!



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