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"This has been amazing!"

- Nancy Anderson

Flower Patterned Wall


Recorded on 14th February 2021 - Over 3 hours of content!

For over 10 years now, I have tried to learn how to design, build and maintain my own website, marketing materials, roller banners, product packaging and more!


Your website is your ‘shop window’ and has to represent you and your services in a professional and informative way without being too boring or overly complex. I made the decision early on in my career to try and learn about design and create as much of my own content as possible! I read some design books, researched the latest thoughts on website design and website platforms and expanded this knowledge to designing my own work.


As a result, I have designed and formatted books, created design work for magic releases, created banners and websites for magicians and companies such as Dave Loosley, Marc Spelmann, Alakazam Magic, Kaymar Magic and regularly get asked for design help from many others. I thought about starting up a small online business designing basic websites for magicians but realised, I simply wouldn’t have time. So, the next best thing is to teach magicians how to make their own websites and use basic design resources to start taking these things into their own hands. 



In this lecture, we will be focusing on 4 areas: Website, Video Design, Artwork and Other. 


In the first 30 minutes, I’ll show you how I created mine and others websites cheaply, professionally and all under your control. You don’t need any design experience or coding skills. Just the drive and willingness to play about with new softwares and get creative! By the end of this course, you will be able to create your very own professional website!


The second section of the lecture is devoted to Video Design including titles, jump cuts, luts, key framing, plug ins, transitions and more. I’ll even take you through how I filmed some of my favourite ‘special effect’ Instagram videos so you can add some eye catching publicity videos for your social media! 


The next section of the lecture is Artwork. Whether it’s table stands, pull up banners, product artwork or books, this will give you a basic understanding and some simple tools to make design easy and professional even with little or no design experience. 


The whole thing will be recorded but, as it is being hosted on Zoom, it is idea to ask questions so I can help you in a hands on fashion! We often forget about everything that goes on behind the scenes of being a magician and skills like design are an invaluable part of your business! 



You get the 3+ hour lecture in full as well as course materials including a roller banner, magic poster, business card and photos for editing with. You will require an editing software but we use a very inexpensive option which does not require a subscription.




When you purchase, you'll be sent a PDF with the download link inside.

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