Thank you Jamie for an absolutely amazing show! It was so much fun and so professional! Can’t imagine how you did it! We will be recommending you to friends and family!

—  Natalie



Welcome to Online Live! An incredible new online experience bringing a mind melting hour of live magic right into your living room! What if someone could read your mind right through the screen? What if someone could influence your decisions? What if someone could affect and alter your reality right through your computer screen? With this magical experience, you will discover all of this, all whilst having your reality bent! Using the latest in streaming technology, props shipped to you and a mind melting twist, this really is like nothing you have experienced before! 


Once you are ready to book your experience, you will be asked how many people will be watching. We need to know this because you will be sent a little envelope of goodies that will help with the magic! It is very important that you DO NOT open the envelope upon it's arrival as this could ruin some of the surprises in store! When the envelope arrives, it is time to book in your date! Simply email your preferred date and time once you have received your pack and if that date is free, you will receive a confirmation of your booking! Then, when the day comes, you will receive a Zoom log in just for your show! Then, all you have to do is sit down with your family and get ready for a one of a kind mind bending experience! If you wish to have family members join you from another house hold, it is simply a small fee per extra group! They will not have a pack but they will still be able to join in with some of the magic!


You will require a computer with internet access. It also needs a webcam and a microphone. You will also need a mobile device, preferably a phone with internet access. You will also need the pack of props that will be sent to you upon purchasing your ticket. Finally, get some drinks and some snacks and get ready for an incredible experience!  


Unfortunately, due to the current situation and because props need to be shipped to you, this experience is only open to those in the UK.





Spaces will be extremely limited so book as quick as soon as possible! You can open the jiffy bag your show-pack comes in but please  DO NOT open any of the other envelopes or black box until instructed. You will receive a shipping confirmation once sent. Once they have arrived, you will need to book the date of your experience using the web address you'll find in your pack. The letter that come with your show-pack will provide you with more information! When booking additional groups, please remember, Show-packs are only sent to one family.* Although additional groups can still take participate in parts of the show!

*maximum of 4 members per pack, if more members of a household, additional packs will be required

At the time, this experience is only for those in the United Kingdom. 

* Currently shipping times according to the Royal Mail Website: International Orders: 2-12 Weeks - Europe: 6-7 Working Days

UK: 2-3 Working Days. For more information, please visit:

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