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Image by Joe Shields




With over 10 years experience with releasing material to the magic community, Jamie’s creations speak for themselves! Whether you like visual, eye popping magic or the darkest most bizarre effects you could imagine, his effects are diverse and intriguing to say the least! Within the past 4 years, his lectures have been highly praised from magic clubs and societies which ultimately aided to him being asked to partake in a bespoke lecture for Murphys Magic At The Table UK Lecture Series. Now part of the Alakazam Academy and taking his new tour to different countries, his teaching style is clear, concise and in-depth. This beautifully produced set of lecture notes touches on tons of Jamie's best loved effects like SCARED (produced by Full 52 Productions), PHANTASM (produced by Alakazam Magic) and TORCE (produced by Penguin Magic) with some of his other underground quirky effects and a few darker ideas! There is something here for everyone and more for you to explore!



SCARED - A world-wide hit and the first effect I ever released! This is an impromptu haunted deck which is super smart and always ready to go! Praised by some of the worlds finest including Cameron Francis, Peter Eggink, Dave Forrest and Angelo Carbone, you will always have this ready to go!


PHANTASM - If you love visual card magic, they do not come more visual than this! Originally released with Alakazam Magic, this 'Card-Warp' inspired effect looks like pure trick photography and yet, uses simple gimmicks with a clever handling to create an effect with a killer ending! 

SOLOMONS SECRET - A commercial card effect using a normal deck of cards and inspired by David Solomons 'Finger Print Trick'. Just when your audience think everything has gone wrong, you hit them with a revelation that will raise the roof! 


PUPPETEER - I am a lover of effects in which you look as though you have influenced or controlled your audiences actions. This is a beautiful card routine with a 'Blizzard' feel but without the need for more than one deck. Simply by dealing cards down on the table and stopping when they want, this nearly self working effect provides a double hit that undoubtably proves your power of influence over them!  

X-CHANGE - A self working coin trick... you hear me right! This is a quirky, visual piece in which an X drawn onto a coin, travels down a stack of identical coins. What's best is, it is completely self working but makes you look like a sleight of hand ninja! 

SEER - This was the original prop for what is now known as 'Seer 2.0'. A beautiful coalition of envelope methodology which allows you to switch, peek and predict all with one envelope. The routine herein, is possibly one of the most commercial I have ever created! 

TORCE - Another worldwide hit amongst the mentalism community, this is a brand new plot in which you provide evidence of your suggestible powers. Praised by the likes of Dan Haus, Angelo Carbone, Dave Forrest and Michael Murray, you are even provided with printable props for an awesome booktest routine perfect for stage!

WATCHMAN - As we approach some darker idea's, this is a super clever way to make a watch appear to be ticking when in-fact, it is totally dead. Based on the 'Wine Glass Spirit Bell', this will make you smile every time you perform it! 

BURIAL 2.0 - One of my first ever dark routines, updated with brand new, print at home props! An eerie story of a lady who was buried alive.. or was she? Using simple methods with beautiful props, this is a great little spooky performance piece! 

SPIRIT BELL - This is a quirky way you can make a bell ring in someone else's hands. All you need os a small handheld bell and a few other things you'll have lying around the house and you'll be set to contact the spirits! 

CUT OUT PROPS - At the back of the book are print and cut props! So you can make as many as you would like! 




“Hold on to your socks! This lecture is amazing. Something for everyone and so different. Book him. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me!” - Houdini’s Magic Bar


"Jamie delivered a professional, funny and fantastic lecture at our club, which was filled with interesting effects and ideas. It truly has something for everybody. Highly recommended!" - London Society Of Magicians 


“Famously known for his other worldly effects, Jamie Daws joins us for an At The Table lecture that is guaranteed to leave you breathless! Well known for effects like Deviate, The Deceased, and Scream, Jamie blurs the worlds of magic and the supernatural seamlessly together while building mystery, tension, and suspense with every line of patter. He's created effects for the magic community for well over a decade and performed for Penn and Teller: Fool Us. Now Jamie joins us At The Table to share his ingenuity and take us down his creative journey!” - Muprhys At The Table Lecutre


“This academy w/ Jamie was a bit different than the others (which are great) ... I won't make this long but will tell you that if you want to learn how to create incredible 'props' and put them into an 'awesome story'.. you WILL learn some of the most important information in magic.. and a hint.. it's not about a difficult 'move' ... whao, it put so much into light for me. THANK YOU, Jamie for such VALUABLE info that we all can take and USE moving forward! Pure GOLD!” - The Alakazam Academy

Image by Joe Shields







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