A deck of cards is introduced and shown as all different. With your head turned away, two spectators freely cut a deck of cards and look at the top card. Between them, they make a choice. One person will place their selection in their pocket and the other will not. They each cut the deck, look at the top card and one of them places their card in their pocket. All done with the performer truly turned away. One of the spectators places the deck into the box and the deck is never touched by the performer. 


The performer explains, we use many different techniques to create the appearance of reading minds. One of the most exploited methods uses natural leakage we automatically give off through our body language. However, unlike the movies, this is a system which relies on a quantitive base by which we can measure ‘tells’. 


The performer asks each spectator to either be a truth teller and always tell the truth or a lier and always lie. Once the decision is made, each is asked to tell the truth to the first question no matter what, that way the performer can get a ‘read’ on them whilst they’re being truthful. Each spectator is then asked if they have a card in their pocket and each either lies or tells the truth. 


Instantly, the performer reveals if they are truth tellers or liars. With this information, he discerns who has a card in their pocket and who doesn’t. He then of course, reveals which cards were selected!!! 


It is always enjoyable for a spectator when they think they understand the methodology you’re employing. So as you are revealing those cards, it makes sense to them that you would ask them to lie or tell the truth in order to work out their selections. Not to mention, the lie/truth teller plot is always enjoyable to perform. 


Once the deck is placed on the table, the performer doesn’t touch it again and the spectators and the deck do all the work for you! There are countless avenues you can go down and I know you will have so much fun with this! 


Comes with a deck prepared by Liam Montier at Kaymar Magic to insure the BEST quality and hand assembled by myself. 



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