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Opening More Daws Digital Notes

Opening More Daws Digital Notes

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With over 10 years experience with releasing material to the magic community, Jamie’s material speaks for itself! From incredibly visual eye candy to the darkest most bizarre tales you could imagine, his effects are diverse and intriguing to say the least! Within the past 2 years, his lectures have been highly praised from magic clubs and societies which ultimately aided to him being asked to partake in a bespoke lecture for Murphys Magic At The Table UK Lecture Series. Now part of the Alakazam Academy and taking his new tour to different countries, His teaching style is clear, concise and in-depth.  if you would like to learn how to amaze, confuse, delight and sometimes even scare your audience, then please check out Jamies latest lecture, “Opening More Daws”!


“Hold on to your socks! This lecture is amazing. Something for everyone and so different. Book him. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me!” - Houdini’s Magic Bar


"Jamie delivered a professional, funny and fantastic lecture at our club, which was filled with interesting effects and ideas. It truly has something for everybody. Highly recommended!" - London Society Of Magicians 


“Famously known for his other worldly effects, Jamie Daws joins us for an At The Table lecture that is guaranteed to leave you breathless! Well known for effects like Deviate, The Deceased, and Scream, Jamie blurs the worlds of magic and the supernatural seamlessly together while building mystery, tension, and suspense with every line of patter. He's created effects for the magic community for well over a decade and performed for Penn and Teller: Fool Us. Now Jamie joins us At The Table to share his ingenuity and take us down his creative journey!” - Muprhys At The Table Lecutre


“This academy w/ Jamie was a bit different than the others (which are great) ... I won't make this long but will tell you that if you want to learn how to create incredible 'props' and put them into an 'awesome story'.. you WILL learn some of the most important information in magic.. and a hint.. it's not about a difficult 'move' ... whao, it put so much into light for me.vTHANK YOU, Jamie for such VALUABLE info that we all can take and USE moving forward! Pure GOLD!” - The Alakazam Academy


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