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“Jamie Daws is well known for frequenting the forums and PDF market and at Alakazam Magic we are both proud and excited to introduce one of his very finest creations, that we think is so visual that its almost other-worldly. PHANTASM is probably the most striking rendition of the genius card warp effect by the legendary ROY WALTON. Jamie has come up with his own contemporary twist on this plot and it has been popular amongst those in the know for some time now. Well later this month, you too can get to grips with PHANTASM – whether you choose to do it with playing, trading or business cards, this is the perfect piece of baffling eye-candy that in true PAUL HARRIS style, leaves your spectator with an IMPOSSIBLE SOUVENIR! We are really pleased to be adding this to the Alakazam range and top marks to ADE GOWER at MONSTER CREATIONS for a wickedly cool packaging design – the whole thing looks great and you are going to love it! Well done Jamie on a brilliant creation!”


Imagine taking the classic card warp to exciting new visual extremes. Well this is exactly what Jamie has done! 


Phantasm looks impossible and the card seems to instantly turn from facedown up to face up and as if this wasn't enough your are left with a weird souvenir to give your spectator


This can be used as a packet effect you keep in your wallet, a full blown routine with two selected cards or as a great promotional idea with your business cards!


Comes complete with a gimmick, full DVD instructions, bonus ideas and a PDF template to create an amazing promotional give away using your business cards!


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