Time is one of the only things that connects each and everyone of us. Each of us has a past, a present and a future. But what would you do, if you were given a magic watch? A watch in which you had complete control over time? Now most believe it isn’t possible to manipulate time however, I have a state of the art pocket watch that I carry with me all the time. It’s a magic pocket watch. 


At this moment, the magician draws attention to a badge pinned to the magicians pocket. On it is printed a clock face showing the time as 12:05. The joke of a watch attached to your pocket causes rapturous and uncontrollable laughter... kind of. The magician removes it from his pocket. 


Please, look, but be careful. It has many wonderful properties! Wonderful but oh so dangerous. But if this really was a magic time traveling watch, then technically I could move time forward.


The clock face is rubbed and magically the time jumps forward and now displays 12:20!! 


See, I told you it was magic! Please check it! Now I know what you’re thinking, with great power comes great responsibility! The amount of times I get asked to go back in time is unbelievable! But in all fairness, going back in time is my favorite thing! 


The magician takes the badge in his fist and rubs it! It vanishes from his hand. 


But if I really did just turn back time, then the clock would read as 12:05 right? But also, I wouldn’t have taken it from my pocket yet? 


The spectators look down and see the badge reading 12:05 pinned back to the magicians pocket where it was at the beginning of the trick! Finally, you take the badge from your pocket once again and ask the spectator to squeeze it. 


Whatever you do, always cherish those magic moments. Those once in a life times. Those Kodak moments. Because those moments are truly timeless.


At that moment, the spectator opens her fist to find the clock face now has no hands!



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