Imagine being able to peek, switch and pre-predict with one single envelope. All at the same time... 


SEER has been a smash hit amongst the mentalism community! Since it's conception it has gone through many stages but after listening to fans of SEER and from my own experiences, SEER is now even better!! 

Why Pro? Because now I provide you with my professional working close up routine and props! Not only that but the utility itself has been overhauled and now includes a clear acetate to make everything smoother to operate and even more functional! When you get one of these in your hands and get out to perform it, you will love being able to peek, switch and predict without organically without losing pocket space! Included is also a credit card sized revelation for my Conscious / Unconscious routine which has been laminated to make it last a lifetime! 

Many performers believe that having many different devices made to perform a single task is better. But every professional knows that pocket space is vital when performing. When you go out to a gig, grab the SEER envelopes, the prediction that sits inside, a pen and a few business cards and you have a whole ton of tricks you can do with an innocent prop, with a reliable method without compromising pocket space. This is an essential prop for the working professional!  


Here is a walkthrough of an effect from my working repertoire using the SEER envelope!


The performer explains that in a moment, the spectator will make a conscious and an unconscious decision. The conscious decision is the thing that she wants to go into a shop for, the whole reason she went inside. The unconscious item is the thing the shop made her buy, using specific product placement and the subconscious advertising positioned around the shop. 

The performer displays a small stack of business cards and two black envelopes. A single business card and pen is handed to the spectator who is asked to write down an item she would buy from a shop but to keep it a secret. Once done, it is returned face down into a black envelope. Another envelope is handed to her and she is asked to not peek inside, but make sure the envelopes cannot be seen through. She agrees and holds onto the envelope. 

The performer then explains that on the back of each of the business cards in his hand is an item from a shop. However, she will pick one without looking, thus making her unconscious decision. She slides one out and it is slid into the envelope with her conscious decision. 

The performer now has her imagine walking through the shop to the isle in which her item is. Somehow he managed to tell her the exact item she was thinking of! The card is slide from the envelope to confirm and the sight unseen card is also removed and turns over to show it reads, "Ketchup" . The envelope is seen to be otherwise empty. The performer points out that she has been holding the envelope the entire time but inside there is a prediction. She slides out a little card with a shopping bag printed on it. He explains, he knew she would pick ketchup and placed it inside of that bag. After the confusion and disappointment have drained from her face, you ask her to turn the card over. On the other side is printed an image of ketchup! Proving that somehow she was influences to pick it. But just to prove she had no choice but to pick ketchup, every other selection is turned over and written upon them is, "Out of stock"! 

This is a KILLER commercial routine that packs a punch and play to more than one spectator! All you need is the SEER Pro Envelope! 

Seer Pro