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The Dolls Leg

The Dolls Leg







One of the strangest, most bizarre stories you will have hear...


Someone had left the police with a photo of two China Dolls, pegged to a cloths line. The peculiar thing was, one of the dolls had a missing leg which was now in possession of the police.  

On the back... 4 names, one of which the doll was identified by...


Whilst revealing the details of this spooky tale, a china dolls leg and a photo inside of an envelope is displayed. The photo is slid out and is seen to be two dolls pegged to a cloths line. One of the dolls is missing a leg... the leg now sitting on the table in-front of your spectator. The photo is turned over and inscribed on the back are 4 names. The spectator is asked to select which name they think belongs to the doll. Somehow, without prior knowledge of the story, you reveal they were somehow correct...




3 very special custom designed, machine cut, hand crafted gimmicked envelopes on thick craft paper.


One dolls leg made from real Porcelain.


4 professionally printed, matt finish photos.

1 mini pencil for good measure!


1 video download.


A velvet drawstring bag to protect your dolls leg.


Also discussed - using the routine with a pendulum (pendulum not included) and the possibility of adding another name should you wish. 

Comes in two options. One with the pre-written names (machine written) so you are ready to go out of the box or, a plain no named version in which you can add your own characters names should you wish. 


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