Finally, a switching envelope that looks natural, functions easily, has no secret compartments inside the envelope itself and the method is as good as the effect! 


Vito is my solution to a switch envelope! However, unlike traditional methods, there is no secret compartments inside the envelope itself, meaning it is as thin as a normal envelope should be! They can even slide out their card themselves! Further more, for the first time, a switch envelope that can be used for visual changes! Display a card inside the envelope and like a camera trick, it instantly changes into their signed card! 


But it doesn’t just lend itself to cards, with the included template, you can create great bank night routines! Or how about using coloured slips of card to create an astonishing chair test? 


Whats even better? The method is as incredible as the effect itself! Inside you get a specially crafted envelope, all hand made and independently checked for quality. 4 pre-cut cards in various colours and various back designs. 2 machine cut templates so you can personalise your envelope to suit your needs and finally, a matching ordinary envelope for good measure! 


Also, a downloadable video showing you how the envelope works, two incredible close up effects and other tips and ideas! 



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