When you think about effects to perform for couples, there are an immediate few that spring to mind. You may even be able to adapt a current effect to make it have a more romantic presentation. However, few effects have been designed from scratch exclusively for lovebirds! 


'Written in the Cards' is the Romantic Comedy of magic and is a super-commercial effect designed from the ground up for couples! Whats even better is, everything is structured and routined in a way that you can focus on your presentation.

You introduce a "Couples Compatibility Test". The kind of thing you might find in a magazine for example. The test outlines a card game in which the spectators answer questions about each other to come to a random selection. Each spectator then turns over their selection and refer to the compatibility test to see how compatible they are. 

However, after going through the game, in a moment of sheer awkwardness, it turns out your spectators are not compatible at all!


But of course, everything turns out perfectly and they discover they are more compatible than they ever realised! 

'Written in the Cards' is a truly heart warming effect that your spectators will remember for a long time!

We provide you with all the artwork so you can get them printed and leave them with your spectators! (Trust me, they want to keep them!) 

Alternatively, you can buy printed packs in which you get the digital artwork but also 20 of the 'Written in the Cards' post-cards ready to go right out of the box! Printed with thick card stock and glossy on both sides! 

Beautifully produced PDF instructions with alternative performance ideas as well as all the beautiful 'Written in the Cards' post card artwork needed for 5 different variations with HD photos and handling tips and ideas! Finally, you get HD video instructions filmed at the Alakazam Studios! 


NOTE: Comes with PDF. Inside the PDF are instructions to download all artwork and video instructions. 

Written in the Cards Digital


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