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Imagine being able to force your spectator to tear a certain corner from any playing card, business card, news paper etc Imagine that you give them completely free choices throughout and do not manipulate those choices in any way. Imagine if you could do this with no prior set up using only a pen and a business card.

A unique kind of force, the Torce Force is a brilliant principle that allows you to perform some incredible magic at a seconds notice! It can be adapted to so many different things. Mentalism, card magic and even used with photos, books and newspapers. It can be used on stage, close up or in parlour. This has given me such joy to use over the years and Im so pleased to be able to finally share this with the magic community!

CONTROL - The magician writes a prediction on his business card. The card is handed to the spectator with the prediction facing away from her body. Although she is given completely free choices throughout, the magician has psychologically forced her to match his prediction in the most unique way!

NOUGHTS AND CROSSES - The magician tells the spectator that when he was younger, he would always win at games. His speciality was noughts and crosses. The only reason he would win is because he could control the opponents choices without them knowing. He offers to provide proof. He displays four of his business cards and asks the spectator to select one of them. The spectator is then asked to hold the card either horizontally or vertically. Then she is asked to tear down the middle but stop when she gets to the centre of the card. She is then once again asked to turn the card either 90 degrees clockwise or 90 degrees anti clockwise. She does so and continues tearing until one random quarter of the card is detached. Although she had complete control over the orientation of the card throughout, the magician tells her that he has succeeded. He turns the torn corner over and shows a large circle drawn on it. The rest of the card is turn’t over and in each corner is an X! He mentions that the odds were truly against him. He turns the three remaining business cards over and in each corner of the cards is drawn an X!

WORD TEAR - Imagine handing one of your spectators a page torn from a book. She tears from it one quarter and hands it to spectator two. Spec two tears a quarter. Spectator three tears a quarter and spectator four gets the remaining quarter. Each spectator reads the text in their respective quarter and finds a word to focus on. Now, without fishing or asking any questions, you instantly know each persons thought of word. Printable page included!

MOTION CROSSES - The magician takes out a stack of business cards. He draws a cross on each corner of the top card. He turns the card face down and asks the spectator to tear down the centre of the face down card until she reaches the centre. She is then asked to turn the card 90 degrees clockwise or 90 degrees anticlockwise. Then to continue tearing until once quarter is detached. The quarter is place on the table and is the ‘destination quarter’. The rest of the card is torn into quarters. Now the magician asks the spectator to pinch one of the quarters. To pretend she is dragging the cross of the card and throw it towards the quarter on the table. She does this and follows this by doing the same with the last two pieces. She then turns over her pieces to see all the crosses are gone! The tabled quarter is turn’t over and all four crosses are found on it! All done without the magician touching the card once it is in their hands!

EXTRA THOUGHTS - A couple of last ideas and thoughts with the TORCE FORCE including effects with newspapers, photos, themed magic and more!

Please Note: This is not the same download offered by Penguin Magic. This is the original PDF and Walkthrough video.


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