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Welcome to The Vault, an interactive online escape room! Before you begin, there are a few things you need to know.


- Firstly, you will need a few items to help you along the way. A pen or pencil, some paper, a mobile device and a computer.

- Secondly, you will be sifting through 10 evidence packs. In order to get into the next evidence pack, you are looking for a password. We give a small hint as to what is needed on each page. When the game begins, write down all 10 suspects on your piece of paper. Throughout the game, as well as looking for a password to get into the next evidence pack, you will also need to eliminate suspects. At the end of the game, the final suspect will be the final password to escape the game. 

- Thirdly, there are hints available at the bottom of each page but try not to use them if you can! 

- There is a 60 minute soundtrack you can download and play, alternatively, use a mobile device and set a countdown timer for 60 minutes. 

- Finally, remember that everything is a clue. Find inventive ways around the puzzles to give yourself a greater chance of escape. 

Good luck! 

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