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Why have I decided to start a blog at this time? How often will I be uploading? What is it all about?

There are so many different creators throwing out "theory" at the moment and most of it is based around technique. Whilst I love technique, I love practicing magic and I love listening to technique theory, ultimately my interests are embedded in performance theory and thoughts around presentation, structure and character.

The funny thing about "theory" is, most of the creators throwing out these idea's are basing them on idea's and not evidence. Most of the idea's are never worked in the real world and it seems to be down to the consumer to verify the thoughts of the creator which, i'm not massively keen on in honesty.

I have been a restaurant worker for 6 years now doing at least 1 restaurant event (ignoring the pandemic) every week. On top of that, I have done several stand up shows, designed pieces & effects for other magicians, created a ton of performance based effects, built a lecture series totalling nearly 24 hours of bizarre & performance material and performed at all the usual events like weddings, parties etc.

I have a BA (Hons) Degree in Drama and Performance from London Southbank University and have been a huge fan of theatre since I can remember.

A 16 year old Jamie before he released SCARED

to the magic community.

So now I have the boasting out of the way and tried to convince you my credentials are valid enough for you to even care remotely about what I have to say... I have to tell you that all of that means nothing, really. I am a firm believer that no magician or performer is any better or worse than anyone else. We just have our own strengths and struggles. I truly believe if we started collaborating more as a community and sharing our strengths, then we would be all the better for it.

The aim I have with my Blog is to jot down my little thoughts and idea's about magic and performance in the hope that maybe I can help someone else. As I approach my mid 30's, I have learned I have an inherent 'need' to help others. It brings be satisfaction and happiness. So, for every 100 (not that I expect that many will read this) if there is 1 person in that 100 who one of my thoughts or idea's helps, then I'm happy with that!

I don't know how often I'll upload in honesty. These aren't really structured per say. It is more of an outlet to write down my thoughts when I have them. I might randomly talk about a gig I had in which something interesting happened, perhaps talk about a thought or theory I had or it could just be something wildly random. But, everything will be from a position of evidence. Whilst we call it "theory" and some will be idea's, those idea's are ones I have put into practice. And that doesn't mean I'm saying they are the DEFINITIVE way to do it, I'm just saying, it works for me and hopfully it'll work for you too.

I should also say, I wanted this blog to almost be anecdotal and autobiographical. So it may have personal stories about me and my life I haven't shared before, stories about events & shows and a behind the scenes look at those events. Or it could just be about things going on in my life right now and where they are leading me professionally.

Finally, whilst I will read these through and try to edit them, please forgive the occasional spelling or grammatical mistake. When I type these, I want them to be impulsive and quick. I'm essentially letting my brain inform my fingers and whatever happens past that point, whether my fingers have kept up with my brain or visa versa, the outcome will be as it is.

So hopefully I have piqued your interest and you're going to enjoy this Blog as it develops, however it develops.

My only request is that you let others know about this blog to make it worth while and hopefully help others with their magical journey.

For now, I'm signing off.

Be understanding. Share your knowledge. Stay magical.

Jamie Daws

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