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Connect the Dots PDF

Connect the Dots PDF

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"Connect the Dots" was first published in 2019 with an updated and expanded second edition being release shortly after. It has always been batch printed and sells out very soon after they come in. Some of the effect's inside this book have gone on to be single products like "Numinous" which was released in a video version with 'the 1914' called "Steal". The basis of "Mizaru" was released in an extended video tutorial with Penguin Magic under the name "VMRS". The content on PK Touches in this book has recently been republished in Peter Turner's 'Pocket Book'. And yet, there is so much more to discover! For the first time, it is now available as a PDF! 


If you are a restaurant worker, this is for you! If you are a stage worker, this is for you! If you work in most situations and genres, there is something in this book for you! 


Here is the original ad copy: 


I have been releasing material to the community for over 19 years and has received high praise for many of his creations. In this book, I reveal my thoughts on 'PK  Touches' and introduce two brand new approaches to the plot. As well as this, I give an in-depth essay on 'How to get away with PK' including my full script which has taken 5 years and hundreds if not thousands of years to refine to make sure nothing goes wrong! This is everything you need to know about what can go right and what can go wrong in the real world. 


There is a revolutionary new peek envelope, a routine which packs into a close up case but fills a stage and only uses 3 rubiks cubes and some paper bags! 

Beautifully designed with HD photos and bursting with new original effects, the deeper you delve, the more you will discover! (There is also a secret hidden riddle, if you 'connect the dots' and discover the secret, you might be in for a little extra magic) 

Table of Contents:







PK Essay



Pin Thief 







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