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Clown Collection






“When I was younger, I was obsessed with horror films and one film is particular always fascinated me. I remember going to a local cinema and they had the clown from that film there, dressed up with a single red balloon. The staff were handing out these souvenir posters and a polaroid that the clown signed for me.


It was only when I got home and realised, something very strange had happened to the poster. Something that made me feel sick. The clown wasn’t there anymore...”


As you explain the story of your childhood horror obsession, you show a folded poster and on top of it, a polaroid photo showing a single red balloon. The spectator reluctantly holds out their hand as you place the photo face down on their palm.


The poster is unfolded and a picture of a familiar clown is seen printed with the phrase, “Where is the clown?”


The poster is the folded back up and the story continues…


“Did you see him escape the sewer? No, neither did I!”


The poster is unfolded and suddenly, the clown is missing from the poster! All that remains is that same phrase which suddenly takes on a profoundly chilling meaning…


“Where is the clown?”


When the spectator turns over the polaroid in their hand, the clown is there, staring back. Stood behind his balloon...


FLOAT! Is a super commercial piece of bizarre that will leave your audiences freaked out! The method is practically self working, leaving you to focus on presentation!


Want to make it even creepier? FLOAT! Can even be performed in absolute eerie silence! Perfect for those performing as a clown!


The routine comes with a gorgeous A3 Gloss poster gimmick that does all the work for you. Completely self contained method leaving you to focus in presenation! It also comes with two custom made polaroid photos. Everything comes packaged in a custom printed striking red envelope with a grunge circus lining and an instructional download!


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