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Residency Hesitancy Course

Residency Hesitancy Course







For the past 6 years, I have been performing at local restaurant’s, pubs and bars. Nearly consistently performing at more than one venue a week and performing for thousands of spectators. Even working with venues to build bespoke ticketed event’s and fright nights. 


Working in restaurant’s and bars is considered one of the toughest jobs for magicians because of the ever changing and adapting environment, the loud noise, the sheer number of people that need to be entertained and of course, regular intoxicated audience members who can cause trouble from time to time! 


There aren’t many resources in the magic community dedicate specifically to performing in such venues and especially, not from someone who has been there and done it for years! That’s why I’m excited to finally be able to provide a course dedicated purely to the information needed to acquire and maintain residencies as well as all of the in’s and outs. 


From working with the venue to provide marketing for an additional fee, using your environment and staff to the best of your ability, getting residencies in the first place, dealing with hecklers, how to approach tables and a sure fire script that I’ve used for 6 years that insures I rarely get turned away from tables, how to make sure your performance is shared on social media to help build up new custom and turning all of this into personal bookings! Not to mention, you can ask as many questions as you need as it will be live!


Finally, I’ll be joined with some very special guests including Wayne Goodman! Author of the highly respected and coveted ‘Expert at the Restaurant Table!’ who will share his wealth of wisdom and advice. 


Turn your hobby into a sustainable steady income business now and grab your ticket to the most in depth course on residencies on the market! 


When you purchase the download, you will be sent the accompanying PDF notes. Inside the notes in the link to download the video and the password.


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