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Some believe that if you are good and follow the rules, St Nicholas will bless you with sweets and toys galore. However, if you are bad and don’t follow the rules, then his demon brother Krampus will arrive and curse you with a beating, putting you into his sack and taking you down to his lair!


With this story, a photo of ‘Krampus’ is shown and beneath it, a series of black and white photos of families on Christmas day. Your audience are then allowed to decided the fate of each family by either placing them into a “Bless” pile, a “Curse” pile or a discard pile.


Even though all choices are genuine and fair, when the photos are turned over, there are strange twisted letters found on the back. The “Bless’ pile spells out “B-L-E-S-S” and the “Curse” pile spells out “C-U-R-S-E”.


But all of this could have be avoided, if everyone just followed the rules in the first place…


Finally, the discard pile is turned over and is found to spell “R-U-L-E-S”


‘Krampus’ is a killer self working effect meaning you can focus on your presentation!


 No Switches - No Extra Cards - No Sleights - No Gimmicks - No Equivoque - Self Working - Fully Examinable


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