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The Polaroid

The Polaroid

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“In 1974, America was gripped by the story of “The Polaroid Disappearances”. One by one, 20 people across America, seemingly vanished. All their loved ones discovered was a polaroid of the missing person on their doorstep…”


A stack of polaroid photos is introduced as well as an old newspaper clipping. Three spectators are invited to take part in uncovering this mystery and the first spectator is handed the photos, being mindful to obscure everyone else’s view. With a roll of some imaginary dice, they randomly arrive at a polaroids and remember the person they see. 


The stack is passed to a second spectator who once again selects another random polaroid before handing the stack to a final spectator. The third spectator arrives at a final polaroid which is then placed upon their hand face down. 


“The interesting thing is, all of these people appeared again but with absolutely no memory of what happened to them. All except 3… One particular person believed that they saw someone else in the room with them and that he watched her being murdered. They also reportedly remember who it was who killed her. Only one of these people wasn’t seen again, only one of these people truly disappeared. As more evidence was discovered, it transpired that the murderer was abducting random individuals and performing a ‘holy blessing’ on them using various narcotic substances. If the blessing was successful, it mean’t that the individual was worthy of life and he would put them back where he found them. If not, he would cleanse them of their sins by killing them” 


As this is said, a newspaper article is pulled out and it is explained that the witness who came forward was named Clementine. The first spectator confirms that was the name of the person he saw in the polaroid. 


The second spectator is told that he too has seen the murderer and is asked for the name of the person he saw. He replies George. When the newspaper clipping is opened, George is found to be the murderer.  


But what about the missing lady? The third spectator, still with his polaroid on his hand names who it was he saw. Meredith. 

“That is strange, Clementine’s report of a woman being killed were never substantiated. The police just presumed that the drugs she was administered made her hallucinate. There was no polaroid of a ‘Meredith’ ever found nor were there any reports of a Meredith going missing…” 


The final polaroid on the spectators hand is turned over and Meredith is seen to have vanished entirely from the photo. Almost as if it was imagined. 


“The Polaroid” is a killer 3 phase routine designed for a small group of people. It uses multiple spectators and the ingenious method employed means the selection process is completely hands off! As soon as the polaroids are handed to the first spectator, the performer doesn’t have to do a thing until they places that final polaroid in the spectators hand. 


  • Nothing is stolen away or added
  • No memory work
  • Nothing that can break
  • Made for multiple spectators
  • Ingenious method that will make you smile!
  • Comes with 20 specially designed polaroids on gorgeous thick card-stock and a newspaper clipping


BONUS: As a bonus, you get a handling of 'The Polaroid' that can be achieved with a normal deck of cards. 'Know, Known and the Unknown' allows you to have 3 cards selected in a rediculously fair way. You will be able to revel the first selection, have the second selection pre-predicted and then wipe the final selection from the memory of the final spectator.


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