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Grab over 10 hours worth of digital downloads for an unbelibeably low price! 


Emerge From Darkness is a course of killer bizarre content including routines based on the Titanic and Sherlock Holmes! If you are a fan of darker magic, this course is a must have! 


Revelations takes you from Tarot Zero to Tarot Hero! An intuitive learning system will get you up and going super quick and using Tarot as an upsell to earn more at your gigs! 


Mind Over Mentalism is full of workable mentalism including my takes on Fork Bending and PK Touches. This if jam packed with incredible commerical mentalism! 


Just Make Gimmicks is a course dedicated to teaching you how to make gimmicks. Starting at the very basic and ending with ebasic electronic gizmo's. No matter your ability, you'll be a one person gimmick machine by the end of it! 


Just Design It! will help you develope your design skills! If you want to design professional websites, banners, posters and product packaging, there is no other course available directed towards magicians that will help you do this! 


Each course comes with downloadable notes, print outs and anything else you need to partake! This is over 10 hours of incredible material that will not only teach you tricks but also skills for life! 




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