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With such an extensive magic back catalogue, some effects and routines can get lost to history. For the first time in years, my original ebooks are available as a trio! These original effects have been praised by the likes of Alan Rorrison, Peter Duffie, Dave Forrest, Liam Montier, Angelo Carbone, Peter Eggink, David Penn and Craig Petty! 


Here is what included in the Classics Trio: 


SCARED - The best impromtu 'Haunted Deck' to ever hit the market! With a Foreword by Peter Duffie, this method allows you to fashion everything you need 'on the fly' and gives you the visuals of some of the more expensive gimmicked haunted decks with only a normal deck of cards! 


As soon as you have tried this for yourself, you will realise why Peter Duffie called it, "One of the cleverest haunted deck methods i've seen!" In this original ebook, there is an instant appraoch and an advanced, more elaborate appraoch. There are also several full routines included with additional idea's from Cameron Francis, Peter Eggink, Liam Montier, Alan Rorrison and others! 


GatheRing - An impossible souvenir born from a love of ring flights! The premise is simple but striking! You borrow a finger ring and have a card selected *and signed if you'd like*. Punching two holes near the top of the card, you then proceed to melt their finger ring through the top of the card and into the punched holes! You can then give it away in it's linked form as an impossible reminder of the evening. The only way to retireve their ring is to physically tear it


This is a repuation maker and you'll understand after perfoming it why David Penn and Craig Petty awarded it their coveted 'Worker of the Week' award! 


Think Tank - A collection of incredible close up effects which are as relevant now as they were when this was first published back in 2014! Maybe even more so with the rise of social media magic! There are some insane visuals in these routines! No mentalism in this book just powerful visual magic! 


Some of the routines inside include:


- X-Change, an impossible shift of a drawn on X through a stack of coins.

- Ping, in which a rubber band is wrapped around the outisde of a bottle of water and then impossibly penetrated through, leaving it floating inside! 

- Moving Business see's a black hole magically move around your business card, even hands free! Then of course, you can give it out! 

- Spinng Wheel Change is a gorgeous colour change done whilst spinning the deck end from end. There are versions of this i've discovered after publishing but my handling still renders it the best for angles, quickness of the chance and ease of execution! 

- Colouring is an insane colour changing deck in which not only do the card backs change colour but then the backs AND faces all turn blank at the finally ready for you to hand them out to have them looked at! 


There are 13 killer routines and idea's that I know you are going to love playing with! 


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