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Just Make Gimmicks Course

Just Make Gimmicks Course






Have you always wished you could make your own gimmicks but felt like it was completely impossible? Maybe you feel like you are not creative enough or you struggle to even glue two surfaces together without it all going wrong! Jamie has been making gimmicks for theatre, TV and products for many years and has refined a number of techniques to make it easier!


Quite often, it is easier than you might first think but your tuition into the world of gimmick making is an essential ingredient to success. Join in this virtual gimmick making masterclass in which you can make these incredible gimmicks as you watch the course! 


When you purchase the course, you’ll be sent a PDF which has all of the items you’ll need if you would like to join in live and make gimmicks on the go as well as tell you how to download the full video!




We will start everything nice and slow with a simple origami frog. These are great little giveaways I hand out to kids in residencies and it keeps them enjoying the magic even after you’ve walked away from the table! 


Then I’ll show you how to make a very basic alternation to a card box to turn it into a super visual switching device. It will allow you to visually change one card into another whilst it is isolated inside the card box. It is super deceptive, strikingly visual and is perfect not only for your socials but also the real world!


Moving into the realm of Mentalism, I’ll show you how to make my own version of a two way envelope. If you have purchased either “A Dolls Leg” or “The Artefact” then these are the very same envelopes. It requires 5 specific pieces to be slotted together then stuck in a very specific way and looks like a normal letter envelope! You’ll receive the print and cut template as well as recommendations for which style of paper/card to use! It’s the first time I’ve shared my template for this, based on traditional envelope techniques used in the mass market, you can tuck in the front flap to keep it from springing open! 


Magicians LOVE flap cards and flap gimmicks and with good reason! We are going to explore the two most common types of ‘automatic’ flap cards. One with something available at most craft and fabric stores and one with an item readily available online. By the end of this course, if you have never created a flap card before, you will be well on your way to mastering this gimmick! 


Another skill magicians often struggle with is splitting cards. There are cool gizmo’s you can now buy to help you with this but, they’re unnecessary if you just acquire the skill to do it by hand. I’m going to teach you my subtleties for peeling cards and, you can do it along with me. Any issue you have, you can show me live and we can work through it together! 


Re-covering a book is a killer skill to have if you are a mentalist! I’ll show you a book gimmick I made for a TV show several years ago, talk you through how it was made and then teach you how to change the cover of any book in minutes without any special tools. If you own booktests that are getting tired or always wanted to make your own book gimmick, this is an invaluable skill! 


Moving towards the more challenging end of the course, we’re going to make some himber predictions. These snazzy little devices can be made out of normal card and when folded in a specific way, will allow a 2 way multiple out. I use this with my staple gun roulette to prove that I have influenced the spectator to place the loaded gun in the position I wanted them to! Again, the PDF print out will be made available so we can make them together! 


Finally, we’re going to delve into the world of electronics! I’m going to show you a simple set up that you can put together very easily, without much skill. I am going to start with every individual item, unmake and make it step by step with you. There is the option to solder which I’ll also cover for those who want to even though it isn’t necessary. Spirit Bells, Spirit Torches, Electro Magnetic Triggers are all possible with just the switch of one item! 




As a bonus, I show you a new paper ageing technique which uses a very cool tool and an awesome ink blotter! No tea or coffee needed! This looks incredibly real and a bit less 'propy'. 


For those who always wanted ‘hands-on’ gimmick making training, this really is a unique, intimate way to learn!


PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase the course, you'll be sent a PDF which will tell you how to download the full video! It also has a list of everything you'll need to make your gimmicks as well as web links to all items on the course. 


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