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Deceased The Return

Deceased The Return

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5 years ago, we introduced you to the unsettling story of the Tenterden  murders. 10 people who sat down to dinner but only 2 survived… the murderers. 


Since then, a new case has come to light which is eerily similar to that of the Tenterten Murders. They were reported as ‘The Cannibal Couple’ and using a poison that rendered their victims incapacitated, they would slice off their victims limbs whilst they were still living and feast on the flesh of the innocent. 


As you explain this horrific story, an envelope is handed to your spectator to hold. Next, 10 photos are introduced. It is explained that the killers are lost amongst the victims and it is down to your spectator to separate the living from the dead. 5 photos are handed to one spectator and 5 to the other. The spectators are instructed to hold the photos behind their back and slide one photo from the middle of their pile and be sure to never let go of it.


The remaining photos are exchanged between the spectators. They are then instructed to turn their selected photo over so that it is faced the opposite way to the other pictures and to mix them. Both stacks of photos are brought out and both spectators have one single photo turned, sight unseen the other way.


The envelope is brought back into play and the spectator tips out what is inside. Two photos that of a man and a woman. The killers. And although neither spectator let go of their selection for a single second, and they have an undeniable account of what has happened, they slide their selection from their stack of photos and reveal it to be the same killer found in the envelope. The performer then does the same and is found to have selected the second killer.


But if all of this is true, then we would need evidence that those in the envelope really were the killers. At this time, the photos from the envelope are turned over to reveal the words KILLER scratched in blood red on the back of them. And every other photo? They have DEAD etched in blood on the back of them. Everything is examinable and the reset is instant.


This is a BRAND new method for this classic dark effect that allows the performer to be completely HANDS OFF!


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