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Mind Over Mentalism

Mind Over Mentalism







Mind Over Mentalism is an online course dealing specifically with mentalism routines. Taken from past projects, my live working set or shows and even brand new never before seen items. If you are a fan of mentalism, this 90 minute Zoom lecture will teach you tons! From my handling of PK Touches, my thoughts on fork bending and even mentalism with Rubik's cubes!


Here is a breif description of the routines covered: 


Fork Bending - The simplest, boldest method mixed with some classic bends to create a fork bending routine anyone can do! This is my working routine and if you've followed me on instagram, you'll see my clients regularly tag me in photos of forks I have bent for them! If you are an absolute beginner at bending forks, this routine is for you! 

Who? Where? Wow! - A 'one ahead' routine that uses it’s weakness as a strength! Used in my virtual shows, this is a beautifully constructed routine that feels like real mind reading! You can even personalise it to suit your style! 

PK Touches - Three of my handlings for PK Touches! My go to routine and performed hundreds if not thousands of times! My routine's and idea's have been praised by some of the best in the business and I'm going to teach you everything! 

Puppeteer - A perfect mind control effect in which you prove your control over your audience using a deck of cards! This is a great opener to any influence routine or set! 

Numinous - One of the best and most organic peek envelope gimmicks I have ever created! It uses normal everyday envelopes but requires no switch of the billet and a full real time peek of the contents! 

3CM - A stage routine using three Rubik’s cubes that is the perfect, mind melting opener. Designed to peek interest and engage an audience quickly and with ultimate fun! 

2 Cubes, One Cup - A new routine based on '3CM' but with the feeling of the 'chop cup' With 2 mini Rubik’s cubes and a cup, you can predict the outcome of their actions perfectly! 

Coincidencia - This is a killer routine that has taken 3 years to fully hone the method. Using a normal (borrowed) deck of cards, your spectators each take half a deck and place it behind their back, take out one card, never let go of it, then push it back in but upside down. They spread the cards and the two cards chosen match! You never have to touch the cards, there’s no gimmicks and you’re left clean! 

Pinology - You ask your spectator to create a four digit number. You have in your hand an envelope and when it is opened, the four digit code is written on the paper! This is a killer simple routine that takes well known methods and spins them on their heads! 

Double Trouble - This was a routine developed for my live streaming shows but works wonderfully at tables that uses some cleverly constructed routining, scripting and gimmickry to create a beautiful distanced card reveal! 

Final Thoughts and Q&A - Discussions on routines with other people’s gimmick's including my routine for Promystic’s ‘MD Mini’ which allows you to force the outcome way before the routine started! Of course, I will also answer any questions you might have! 


Recorded on Zoom with a full class of magicians, this is a deep dive into some creative, interesting and profoundly impactful mentalism!


When your purchase the download, you will automatically be sent a 15 page PDF of notes for the course. Inside, there is information on how to download the video section of this course! 


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