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Clued Up!

Clued Up!







Imagine letting your spectator freely choose a suspect, a weapon and a location and being able to prove you knew all along!


Cluedo© has been a popular plot for both magicians and mentalists for many years but never has it been more simple and direct as Clued Up.


Jamie has taken a classic method and combined it with a very commercial plot to create what we believe is the most direct and versatile version of this premise ever!


Clued Up may be performed close up, parlour, stage and even on your Zoom shows.


The Clued Up instructional video explains everything you need to know as well as how to turn this in to a full-on piece for your stage or parlour act.


Clued Up maybe perform on 1-4 people and it will play and big or small as you like.


Clued Up comes with the custom designed props and bonus PDF’s so you can customise your set if required.


Clued Up is super easy to perform leaving you to concentrate on your performance.


The props are some of the finest Alakazam has ever created! This also comes with a PDF of custom designed stickers and extra little bits. The bonus section is where we really get stuck into the details and whilst the method may be apparent to most, the nuances we have added make this an un-back-trackable routine! 

Pros will instantly see how this could play to an entire theatre and close up workers can appreciate how this will engage with a an intimate audience! 


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