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Revelations Course

Revelations Course






About 6 years ago, I began getting regular requests asking if I performed Tarot readings. At the time I didn't but I quickly began that this was a great addition to my act that could be used as an upsell but also, help to add to my persona. 

Years later, I have performed Tarot readings in countless environments from house parties, weddings, for friends - friends of friends and even in restaurants. 

My approach to readings is very simple and straight forward. Using an intuitive approach and story telling skills, I will teach you my approach for short, sharp, direct readings. 

I will also teach you ways to mix in simple mentalism effects to help 'sell' the moment which is particularly useful when you are just starting out. With a series of routines and Tarot 'effects', each one designed to help you grown in your reading skills. 

Starting with a one card reading, three card reading and then additional idea's, routines and effects, when you are just starting out, each one is designed to help you grown in confidence as a reader. 

On top of all of this, I will teach you several Tarot effect utilising store bought Tarot Decks and i'll provide you will print out's to allow you to make your own special Tarot box for one of my signature Tarot routines. 

Finally, if you want to, you'll have the opportunity to give another spectator on the course a reading. Giving you a real, hands on, practical, workshop style approach to giving your first ever reading. 

This course isn't intended for those already proficient in readings or those already with their own approach but if you haven't ever felt confident before, then this course will take you from a Tarot Zero to a fully confident reader giving quick, engaging readings for your audiences!


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