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Emerge from Darkness Course

Emerge from Darkness Course







'Emerge form Darkness' is a brand new course, recorded during a live Zoom session and dedicated to what I love most… Bizarre Magic!


This is over 2 hours of some of my latest, commercial ideas from an eerie, captivating Titanic themed routine all the way to a 50/50 routine that is designed to make your audience care about the choice they’re making! With additional thoughts on scripting and routining, this is a jam packed course perfect for the spooky performer!


The course focuses on 3 key areas of performance. Stage, Parlour and of course, Close up! With extra idea’s and thoughts on Scripting and putting on bespoke events like Fright Nights and Seances!


Some of these routines have never been shared ANYWHERE before! I have even included some real world clips from a live show so that you can see how some of these routines play in the real world!


This is a comprehensive, deep dive into bizarre magic with a diverse range of topics!


In ‘Hopes Game’ your audience come face to face with one of Sherlock Holme’s first inquisitions! A 50/50 effect that is literally, life or death.


‘Living Dead’ is an incredibly clean close up ‘Living and Dead’ routine designed for close up mix and mingle or restaurant work. This is exactly how I’d dreamed a living and dead test should be!


Discover the story of the man who predicted the sinking of the Titanic with ‘RMS Titanic’. An incredibly eerie routine born from an old method, brought bang up to date and routined into a truly compelling story piece with equally as interesting props.


Rarely do matchbooks play a part in bizarre magic until now! Based on the story of Dorian Gray and his ever ageing painting, 'The Flames of Gray' is a snappy routine which is baffling and utterly unique in it’s composition!


Author of Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson, created a truly fascinating literary devise when he spoke about Pirates presenting their enemies with a ‘black spot’. ‘Pieces of Silver’ expands on this idea and allows you to perform a wonderfully odd routine that will fill a stage but fits in your pocket!


And there are more than 4 more fully structures idea’s and routines! And of course, you get a PDF download to accompany the course with additional thoughts and idea’s, printout’s and references!


After the course, there is nearly and hour additional Q&A in which more idea's are discussed!


Drop your kids off at the day scare centre, draw yourself a boo-ble bath and enjoy the course everyone is dying to learn from, 'Emerge from Darkness!'




When you purchase the course, you will recieve your PDF Notes. Inside the notes, there is a link to download the video course!


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